• China


    Among the relationships with non-EU countries that aim to strengthen the role of Reggio Emilia as an actor of local and global development, the E35 Foundation has recently started building also relations with China.

    In this context, the city’s commitment mainly concerns agricultural and bioenergy sector, but also innovation and transfer of innovations. This commitment consists in workshops and meetings in order to organize study visits, meetings between professionals and exchange of expertise on specific issues such as services and education.

    This International Relation allows to set up a twinning between the city of Reggio Emilia and the city of Rizhao, signed on May 9th, 1998. Rizhao is a metropolis of about 3 million inhabitants, located in the Shandong Peninsula and it is considered one of the thirteen “green cities” of the planet. In fact, 99% of buildings is equipped with photovoltaic and solar heating panels for heating, street lighting and functioning of traffic lights, provided by solar energy.