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    EDUCA is a project started on June 1st, 2011 and ended on August 31st, 2015, created with the aim of improving the standard of life and social integration of the communities in Italy (Reggio Emilia), Mozambique (Pemba) and Brazil (Belo Horizonte), by focusing in particular on the education of children (0-18 years old) and supporting actions to promote social actors’ responsibility.

    COUNTRIES INVOLVED: Italy, Mozambique, Brazil

    PARTNERS INVOLVED: Municipality of Reggio Emilia (leader), Municipality of Pemba, Municipality of Belo Horizonte, Reggio Children, Emilia-Romagna Region. Associated partners: Arci Solidarietà, Boorea.

    The EDUCA project aims at improving awareness on education as a multidisciplinary task: educational policies should be a responsibility, a collective responsibility. At the operational level, after a baseline assessment of the three local communities involved and a comparison between the three different educational systems considered, several international meetings took place. The representatives of local authorities were involved, in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and good practices on policies, methodologies, tools and guidelines for the definition of educational governance strategies.

    The city of Reggio Emilia has also hosted the other project partners for training activities, for deepening the technical documentation of educational processes as well as workshops and meetings to create local forums in order to involve non-state actors, associations, families, schools and other local actors involved in the field of education, health, sport, culture and environment.

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