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    RESOLVE is a project started on April 1st, 2016 and that will end on March 31st, 2021. It aims at exchanging good practices on policies and actions to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants generated by retailing through the creation and revision of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans of the cities involved.

    COUNTRIES INVOLVED: Roermond – Leader (NL) – Rotterdam (NL) Reggio Emilia (IT), Greater Manchester (UK), Maribor (SI), Kronoberg County (SE), Almada (PT), Warsaw (PL), Moravia-Silesia Region (CZ)

    PARTNERS INVOLVED: Municipality of Roermond (NL), Erasmus University of Rotterdam (NL), Municipality of Reggio Emilia (IT), Greater Manchester (UK), Municipality of Maribor (SI), Kronoberg County (SE), Municipality of Almada (PT), Municipality of Warsaw (PL), Moravia-Silesia Region (CZ)

    The aim of this project is the reduction of carbon emissions generated by traffic related to retailing in the participating regions by a further 5% by 2020, supporting in the same way the employment and the growth of retailing economy. In the first phase of the project, after a first comparison and exchange of good practices and through study visits, they will improve their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. This will lead to co-development of a Local Action Plan, which will aim to the transition towards a low-impact economy, especially addressed to regional and municipal policies. The plan will be implemented, monitored and evaluated in the second phase of the project.

    Within the RESOLVE project, the E35 Foundation will be responsible for supporting the project management, coordinating the communication and implementing the activities.

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    Here the first newsletter of the project, sent on August 2016:
    Newsletter #01 – Resolve – Agosto 2016 Newsletter #01 – Resolve – August 2016

    Here the first press release of the project:
    Press release – Sustainable mobility and the transition to a low-carbon retailing economy