• Bydgoszcz


    The Twinning Agreement with the City of Bydgoszcz was the first signed by Reggio Emilia on April 12th, 1962. The city is in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship with 390.00 inhabitants, and it is one of the most populous Twin Cities.

    Reggio Emilia is well known in Poland, because it is the city where the National Poland Anthem was composed, the Dabrowsky Mazurka written by the poet J. Wybicki. In the same year, in 1797, the Tricolour (the National Italian Flag) was born in Reggio Emilia.

    The music and exchange between the Conservatories of the two cities kept the twinning alive for a long time, which today is based on the common participation in several European projects on sustainable mobility and environment, in addition to initiatives related to the administrative management and youth exchanges.

    In 2004, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia celebrated in Bydgoszcz the entrance of Poland in UE, laying the foundations for new European partnerships projects between the two cities.