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    The E35 Foundation operates within the European Union as an actor that facilitates European projects in order to contribute to policies and initiatives for a united Europe and to support innovation policies, competitiveness, inclusive and sustainable development. The E35 Foundation especially promotes international networks and partnerships by leveraging institutional relationships of its founder members and by developing new channels and collaborations through research of experiences, know-how and expertise. Moreover, the E35 Foundation works to promote opportunities and youth mobility related to high school and universities in agriculture, mechanics, international skills and sport.

    The E35 Foundation cooperates both with the 28 European Union countries and with the neighboring countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Moldova and Ukraine along with local actors including the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Chamber of Commerce, C.R.P.A., Manodori Foundation and Legacoop Emilia Ovest.

    Reggio Emilia is one of the 17 cities that belong to the Eurotowns network, born in 1991 ( This network, dedicated to the cities with less than 250 thousand inhabitants, provides many benefits including direct aid in promoting innovation, social inclusion, exchange of experience and specific know-how at transnational level, identification of EU programs and presentation of community projects, as well as providing a basis for the constant updating and regular debate at both political and operational level.

    Since 2001, Reggio Emilia has been part of ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy,, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of good governance and the participation of citizens in institutional activities in order to facilitate the cooperation between local authorities and civil society. The E35 Foundation, along with the ALDA, works on issues such as human rights, sustainable economic development, but also to improve the conditions for the civic and democratic participation at European Union level, to promote debate and reflection on EU values and to encourage civic and democratic participation.