• Mozambique


    The activities that E35 Foundation develops in Mozambique fall into the historical relationships between Reggio Emilia territory and Mozambique, started in the early 60s. The city, indeed, played a leading role at international level in the promotion of fighting movements against colonialism and apartheid, as also stated in the Pact of Friendship signed between the city of Reggio Emilia and the city of Pemba (Cabo Delgado Province) in 1975. There are also relationships with the city of Maputo, capital of Mozambique, and Chokwé district (Gaza Province).

    Nowadays, the E35 Foundation is involved in numerous fields of cooperation along with other local actors, such as Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Chamber of Commerce, C.R.P.A., Legacoop Emilia Ovest and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. In Mozambique, indeed, the main partners are the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Agriculture, Municipality of Pemba, Foundation for community development and University of Eduardo Mondlane.

    The cooperation and solidarity projects developed by Reggio Emilia have touched several areas including maternal and child health, HIV prevention, youth participation, development of entrepreneurship, well rehabilitation and primary education.

    To this day, the E35 Foundation manages several partnerships on different areas and topics:

    • Education through Educa for all project addressed to primary and secondary education Institutions aimes at facilitating projects of integrated school and vocational training paths with the cooperation of associations and territorial groups;
    • Agriculture with a support project for the creation of production chains in agriculture and cooperatives in the Chokwé district along with the FDC – Foundation for Community Development;
    • Architecture and urban planning within the agreement between the Architects’ Association of Mozambique and Architects’ Association of Reggio Emilia;
    • The promotion of memory, history and culture.