• Enzkreis


    The Twinning between the Province of Reggio Emilia and the German city of Enzkreis dates back to March 1993.

    A prominent role within the twinning is played by youth sports exchanges that, through the pilot project of the International Camp, that each year involves 80 young people from 10 different European countries and the International Tricolour Games, have allowed to promote and support youth mobility and socio-cultural exchanges for hundreds and hundreds of young Italians and Germans, but not only.

    A peculiarity of the Pact of Friendship between Enzkreis and Reggio Emilia is in the meticulous work of contacts at various levels of the society. The institutional twinnings between S. Polo d’Enza and Eisingen, Rubiera and Neulingen and, as a seal of the “ten years together,” the one between Castelnovo nè Monti and Illingen became very important.

    Among these municipalities, over the years, a multitude of exchanges between citizens, associations, companies and schools has been realized and socio-cultural events of great importance have been organized.

    The twinning between the Provinces of Reggio and Enzkreis triggered relations of cooperation, partnership and it deepened – through the hospitality of technical delegations and the continuous exchange of information- issues of interest of the two Entities, such as:

    • Waste recycling and environmental protection;
    • Tourism, economy, agriculture, productive activities and teleworking;
    • Transports, viability, road safety and civil protection;
    • Immigration, health care and social services;
    • Institutional policies.