Fort Worth

  • Fort Worth


    The twinning agreement between Reggio Emilia and the City of Fort Worth, Texas, was signed on October 29th, 1985.

    The relationship between the two cities has been consolidated in recent years, especially in the educational and cultural field, involving youth exchanges.

    First and foremost, the International Leadership Academy Camp, sponsored by Fort Worth Sister Cities International (, received in the latest editions the recognition as the “best summer camp of the American exchange”. For a week in March, during the Spring Break, some young people of Fort Worth come in Reggio Emilia, hosted by families, giving them the opportunity to explore the city and experiencing the culture and the excellences of the territory.

    Among other fields, there is the Kids Who Care – July International Musical Theatre Camp, a twinning that compares children from different countries to combine their talents and create an original musical at the W.E. Scott Theatre in Fort Worth. The purpose of the camp is to develop the techniques of acting, dancing and singing in a multicultural context.

    Finally, Motti High School of Reggio Emilia participated for several years in an exchange with the Trimble Technical High School in Fort Worth. The students of the Motti school have the opportunity to train with internships at some of the best restaurants and pastry shops of the city of Fort Worth and vice versa.

    On the Academic side, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the TCU School of Nursing have launched biannual meetings to know and analyse the health system of Reggio Emilia. In 2017, it is foreseen the launch of student exchanges. The Department of Architecture of the University of Fort Worth will be the first to be hosted in Reggio Emilia.