• Schwerin


    The twinning agreement with the German city of Schwerin was signed on April 14th, 1966 with the intent to promote the détente in relations between East and West. The exchange with the German city has allowed many young people of the two cities, since the ‘60s, to meet and know each other in the course of cultural and – especially musical – initiatives: it is still going on a friendly relationship between the conservatories of the two cities.

    Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the relations between the two cities resumed with even greater enthusiasm and, in June 2002, in Schwerin the “Italian Week” has been realized with the participation of institutional representatives, experts of culinary traditions, food and wine sector and technicians of the food industry.

    In 2003, a group of Reggio Emilia disabled young people met in Schwerin some German disabled young people in order to exchange experiences on everyday life and opportunities offered by their respective municipalities.

    Nowadays, the relationship with the city of Schwerin involves directly even the schools. In 2009, the students of the Bus Pascal high school, who participated in the project Leva Giovani “Grandpa Bit and Grandma Byte”, visited the city of Schwerin. In the same year, the professional institute Don Zeffirino Iodi has activate an exchange with German city, thanks to the collaboration of Reggio nel Mondo.

    In recent years, the relationship with the city has opened a new path, thanks to the activation of exchanges between the fencing and chess clubs, born during the International Tricolour Games.