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    School Chance is a project started on January 1st 2017 and ending on December 31st 2021. It aims at enhancing the exchange of good practices on actions related to the reduction of carbon emissions generated by school mobility. Project partners will develop a Regional Action Plan in order to make sustainable school mobility an essential element of their regional policies.

    COUNTRIES INVOLVED: Spain, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Romania

    PARTNERS INVOLVED:  Municipality of Girona (ES) – Lead Partner, Municipality of Reggio Emilia (IT), Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR (AT), Regional Government of Cataluña (ES), City of Utrecht (NL), Municipality of Gävle (SE), City of Gdansk (PL), Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development (RO)

    The general aim of this project is the reduction of carbon emissions generated by school mobility. Nowadays, school traffic accounts for about 15% of the total traffic at urban level, contributing to the increase of problems related to mobility, pollution and health.

    The project will be developed in two phases: in the first phase, partners will exchange good practices through the realisation of study visits, thematic trainings, transfer workshops and involving at local level a group of stakeholders that will take part in the project activities realisation. This phase will last 3 years and is aimed at the realisation of a Regional Action Plan on school mobility. The second phase, lasting 2 years, will be dedicated to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Regional Action Plan.

    Within School Chance, E35 Foundation will be responsible for supporting the project management, the coordination and implementation of communication activities.

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