• Eurotowns

    EUROTOWNS (European network of medium-sized cities) is a medium-sized cities network with the aim of strengthening the crucial social and economic role that these cities play at the European level.

    COUNTRIES INVOLVED: Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, UK.

    PARTNER INVOLVED: Hasselt e Kortrijk (Belgium), Jyväskylä (Finland), Sindelfingen, Detmold, Pforzheim, Solingen e Ulm (Germany), Reggio Emilia (Italy), Schiedam e Helmond (the Neitherlands), Girona, Manresa e Sabadell (Spain), Eskilstuna, Gävle, Mondal e Varberg (Sweden), Hastings (UK).

    The Eurotowns network was founded in 1991 as an European network for medium-sized cities with a population ranging from 50.000 to 250.000 people. The network aims at promoting dialogue among its members and raising awareness among social, institutional, political and economic partners of the process of European integration and European policies at work in the local partners realities. Eurotowns network operates for Task Team on different issues, such as: Social Inclusion, Innovation, Culture and Creativity as drivers of economic attractiveness; Mobility and Innovation to encourage, through partners dialogue, the exchange of good practices, the launch of European projects and the analysis of financing mechanisms.

    The Municipality of Reggio Emilia joined the network in 1997. The Municipality held the position of Vice-President between 2008 and 2011 and it became the President of the network between 2012 and 2015. Since 2016, it was appointed for another four-year term as Vice-President. The E35 Foundation, on behalf of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, runs the network secretariat and deals with the management and implementation of its activities, communication and financial aspects.

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