• Particidade


    PARTICIDADE is a project started on April 1st, 2018 and that will end on March 31th ,2018. It aims at the participatory planning of services for educating and resilient cities and communities in Mozambique.

    COUNTRIES INVOLVED: Italy, Mozambique

    PARTNERS INVOLVEDI: Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Municipality of Milan, Emilia Romagna Region, Municipality of Maputo, Municipality of Pemba, GVC, AVSI, AITR, Italian National Counsil of Architects, UNIDO ITPO Italy, University Eduardo Mondlane, ARQUITRAVE, E35 Foundation, Reggio Children Foundation

    PARTICIDADE project proposes a path aimed at improving the systems of territorial governance and services through the institutional and capacity building of the municipalities in Mozambique according to three lines of intervention:

    • Actions on urban planning and urban regeneration processes based on an integrated urban and social methodology, which involves the involvement of local communities alongside local authorities in all phases of project development and implementation.
    • Actions on municipal socio-educational services by developing a similar integrated and participatory approach that will involve the citizens of local communities and minors themselves in the re-definition of these services and in the planning of extra-curricular activities and/or space regeneration interventions public services for minors.
    • Finally, the last line of action of the project aims to increase the capacity of municipalities to offer tools to support employment and youth employment, initially training public officials and training bodies / associations on possible improvements and expanding services for the employment of the youngest and the most disadvantaged groups, and then realizing exemplary professional literacy and training courses to enhance the potential of growing sectors in the areas of Maputo and Pemba.