Europe Direct Desk

Europe Direct Desk

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The Europe Direct Desk of the E35 Foundation provides a free service available to all European citizens, in order to respond to their questions regarding the European Union. It was established in 2019 from a collaboration between the E35 Foundation and the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The Desk is in fact part of a territorial network, activated by the Emilia-Romagna Europe Direct Information Centre in order to promote the maximum dissemination of information on the European Union in the regional territory.

The Europe Direct Desk:

  • provides citizens with information, advice, assistance and answers to questions about the institutions, legislation, policies, programs and funding possibilities of the European Union;
  • actively promotes public debate and media interest on the European Union and its policies at local and regional level;
  • collaborates with the world of education and civil society to raise awareness among young people and citizens on the issues of citizenship and European integration.

For information and appointments:

Europe Direct Emilia-Romagna - E35 Foundation Desk - Reggio Emilia

Headquarters: Via Vicedomini 1 - 42121 Reggio Emilia (RE)

Telephone: 0522 444 400/421