The Territory

Reggio Emilia is at the heart of the Italian Food Valley and it is a city with a natural predisposition for international relations and dialogue, thanks to the several twinnings and friendship pacts with cities all over the world. It is a booming centre renowned for its food and wine products, its enterprises, the cooperative system and the early childhood educational services.

The productive field of the city revolves all around a new development model for a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth, where the Cooperatives are the flagship. The city has always been synonymous of a powerful work ethic, also because the entrepreneurial area is deeply rooted that embraces the high human and social capital value of the Region. Reggio Emilia is, thus, known all over the world as one of the three capital of the cooperative movement, together with Mondragon and Manchester.

This distinguish factor of the social - economic area is possible thanks to a constant research that involves different fields, from mechatronic to agriculture and education. In this last field, the so-called Reggio Approach is a landmark for the educational policies of Infant Toddler Centres and Pre-schools all over the world.

Moreover, Reggio Emilia spreads over what was the ancient Via Emilia, which once connected all the streets of the Region. It is located within an historical and urban context where many events take place and that can count on numerous Hub and Festivals of international relevance, attracting thousands of visitors in the city streets every year.

An internationally recognized leadership based on organizational policies and approaches was developed to be at the forefront in all sectors, involving economic actors in the social services in order to contribute in strengthening the public services and making Reggio Emilia one of the most liveable Italian cities.