Uniti nella diversità – Alla scoperta di una nuova cultura

  • Uniti nella diversità – Alla scoperta di una nuova cultura

    Sami e Souad, sono i due studenti che partecipano al programma europeo Unis dans la diversité SVE Dijon che vede coinvolti nello scambio il Comune di Reggio Emilia e il Comune di Dijon.

    Qui l’articolo di Sami sul suo secondo mese in Francia


    Bonjour, First of all I want to wish to everyone a happy new year, I hope that this year will be full of wonderful experiences.

    After month of learning and getting myself into the Italian lifestyle, my mission took a new turn.

    Two schools from around Reggio Emilia, Istituto Città del Tricolore of Rivalta and Istituto Silvio D’Arzo of Montecchio, asked me to be involved into their french classes to talk about France, Dijon, and helping their students with the French language, things that I was really pleased to do because it allows me to show parts of the French culture that they probably don’t know and have debates around themes that can be related to them and where I can bring a foreign point of view.

    Things started towards the end of January, my first day was in the school of Rivalta I was welcomed by the director and French teacher Elena Viti, She showed me how it gonna happen and introduced me to the first teacher that I’m gonna work with; And after this it begins with a 3rd year class where I introduced myself (Thing that I did during the whole first days), I talked about where I’m from, what I’m doing here and from that a little conversation happened between us and everything was in french.

    Sami - Reggio EmiliaMy first couple of days were quite I was trying to adapt to each and every class, I was trying to see how can I interact with the student and how to make them speak, but also discovering with the help of the professors how a high school in Italy works and I learned few things for example here it’s 5 years compared to the 3 years in France or they have class only from 8 to 13:30.

    I also learned that this school had an exchange with the school Les Arcades of Dijon, students went to Dijon for 2 weeks to discover the city and the culture and same thing happened for the french ones here in Reggio Emilia, I met the lucky student and I talked with them about their experience and they were all really happy that they went to Dijon and would like to return to it.

    Passing those first days of discovering, I begin to be more involved, I had my first ever class alone (the teacher was sitting in the back of the class) about the french music, I showed to a class the streets and monuments of Dijon because it was part of their class program, I also talked about french history to 5th year classes and about famous french authors, and there will be a lot of other things to talk about as both students and teachers were really happy and exited of my presence, I was nicely surprised by the overall french level of the students that will help to have nice discussion.

    I’m really happy of this experience so far, it makes me interact with other youth to help them learning or just express themselves in an other language, and also being able to show them Dijon a place that most of them have never seen before is amazing and i’m looking forward to continue this knowing that I will start in Montecchio the second week of February and that I will have double amount of fun.

    I’ll will keep updated about my experience here in Reggio Emilia each month.

    Alla prossima!